What Does Cowardly Mean Definition

Cowardly by nature, he was on the verge of a nervous breakdown before the trial, thinking about what might happen. One question I`ve asked is whether these Republicans in Congress really believe what they say, or whether they`re too cowardly or selfish to do what`s right because they fear the political consequences. Nothing could be more cowardly than shooting three unarmed innocent people, including a 14-year-old boy. Trying to put the burden on someone else for your own decisions is really cowardly and somehow dishonest. Even without conviction, the trial is a warning to anyone in high office, in the future, serious crimes and misdemeanors will not be ignored because some are too cowardly to act. No one would have believed that the cowardly monster Fear would feast on his heart forever. Coward comes from the Latin word couda, which means « tail ». Have you ever seen a scared puppy with his tail between his legs? That`s what people who are cowards would do if they had them. Being afraid of something dangerous can make someone a coward, but the word can also describe someone who avoids doing something difficult or unpleasant. If your boss asks his assistant to tell him the bad news about the layoffs, you might call him a coward. Someone who acts cowardly shows no courage. A politician who is afraid to tell the truth about his dark past can be called a coward. But there is a beardless youth, followed by a cowardly servant who tries very hard to see you.

McCarthy`s counterpart in the Senate was only slightly less cowardly. Isn`t this buccaneer better now than to live a cowardly life with moldy regularity? « It was cowardly how Chris and Guy did it, » Ioffe said. It`s as if Hall doesn`t trust his audience to appreciate Coward`s adorable acidity — he cleaned everything up like he was beaten and not the actual glow. For them, the cowardly cynicism of the status quo will do them good. According to historian John Saunders, he was a « weak, conceited, incompetent, and cowardly » leader. Use the adjective loose to refer to a person whose knees are tightening in fear, especially if they are afraid to do the right thing. A famous example of a cowardly character is the cowardly lion of the « Wizard of Oz » who claimed to be fierce, but actually lacked courage. Cowardly, pusillanimous, greedy, traitor means having or showing a lack of courage. Cowardly implies a lack of weak or unworthy courage.

A cowardly failure to advocate principled narrow-mindedness indicates a despicable lack of courage. The pusillanimous fear of a future full of possibilities indicates extreme defeatism and a complete absence of resistance. She secretly despised her own cowardly yes-yes-men and often involved behavior that was both cowardly and treacherous, shabby or outrageous. A treacherous attack on unarmed civilians Kayleigh McEnany`s cowardly departure Politico`s revolt against Playbook guest Ben Shapiro has gone too far Without the cowardly fear of being seen as timid, there would be more caution in such matters. In Ghost of Tsushima, these tactics are seen as cowardly, callous, and dishonorable. But when he saw that there were only two, he mentally cursed the four companions who had so cowardly abandoned him to his fate. Hill advised him not to do so, saying that if he did, the cadets would consider him a coward. I had forgotten for a moment that the policeman was a coward; but Burke didn`t waste a little time trying to bring my memory back. She called Hogg, then 18, a « coward » for not responding to him. Nina Straight says her half-brother is « a physical coward, but not afraid of death. » A coward is someone who is afraid to do something bold or dangerous. Skydiving may sound exciting in theory, but you could be a coward when it comes to jumping out of a plane.

Which is probably wise. Or he could have been a coward who beat me for an online insult. On the same day, the Fox News host also attempted to contact Swalwell, asking the congressman to call him and then calling him a « coward » when he refused to do so, according to screenshots of the exchange that Swalwell posted on Twitter. A great victory if this cowardly sheriff had not gotten the governor to send the militia to Homestead. He was, after all, a coward, and he took no pleasure in his victims defending themselves. Human progress has never been fostered by cowards who have allowed fear to dominate their lives. He was considered brave, because no man in the Ozarks dared to fight him, but in his heart, he was a coward. And cancer, deceitful, pretender, cowardly; It cannot exist even without the living people on whom it depends.

I don`t have the name of a coward in the world, and yet I`m the biggest coward here. Not because the Hunger Games books make us happy, but because we want to be sedative, because it`s painful not to pretend, because we`re cowards.