What Documents Do I Need for a Enhanced Dbs Check

At least one of the documents must contain the applicant`s current address. The organization performing its identity verification must also use an appropriate external identity validation service to review the request. The DBS has created a 3-step document identification process that dictates which documents must be submitted to support your DBS audit request. The valid document types and combinations listed below apply to standard and advanced criminal record applications. Route 1 must be exhausted before Route 2 can be attempted. Route 3 exists as a last resort. Tips to help you verify the identity of a DBS test taker and a new prospect/countersigner. Do not accept licenses other than those listed as valid identification documents. The documents required depend on the route taken by the application.

The applicant must first attempt to provide Route 1 documents. Non-UK nationals who are entitled to a DBS cheque and receive remuneration for work, even if it is a benefit, such as a carer, must use paid commuting. If you also need a check yourself, someone else will need to check your ID documents and email us here at uCheck to info@ucheck.co.uk that they have seen your identification documents, that they are all valid and understand that now their name is put on the application. If you are considering applying for a DBS cheque, you may be wondering what documents or identification you need to provide during the application process. In this blog, we explain everything. Organisations registered with us must verify the identity of a DBS test candidate as part of the application process. A slightly different procedure is also part of a countersignatory or lead countersignatory application. When using a potential identity validation provider, you must indicate that a « PASS/FAIL » decision is required as part of the audit you are requesting. The documents you will need to apply for a basic DBS exam are: If there are discrepancies between the applicant`s details and/or the identification documents presented and there is no suspicion of fraud, ask the applicant for clarification.

Failure to do so may compromise the integrity of the DBS service and put your recruitment or licensing agreements at risk. Start performing external identity validation checks on candidates to verify their identity. If the requestor does not have any of the Group 1 documents, they must be able to demonstrate: Removed the outdated version of identity auditing policies for standard/extended DBS controls. We have listed the documents provided for each DBS check to help you request a DBS check. Addition of Welsh annexes to identity audit guidelines for DBS audit requests and countersignature requests. The applicant must be able to provide two documents from one of these groups. When you request a DBS audit, you will need to provide supporting documents confirming your identity. Without these documents, your DBS audit request cannot be processed. You can request a basic DBS check online to speed up the process and we can provide results within 24 hours.

You can upload your documents online through our review team. If a candidate is unable to provide these documents, they will not be able to submit a DBS exam. Indeed, the right to work in the United Kingdom cannot be established. You cannot use any other route. When you submit your DBS audit request, you must attach the required documents. Otherwise, the DBS will not be able to process your request and will subsequently be held until the correct documentation has been submitted. If the applicant does not have sufficient documents to apply for Route 1, they must sign a declaration form to confirm this and proceed with a Route 2 application. If you need a DBS audit for a job you are applying for, you will not be able to verify the legitimacy of your documents. Someone else must confirm that the documentation of your application is correct. The UK – for 16-19 year olds in full-time education – will only be used in exceptional cases where other documents cannot be submitted. While the COVID-19 pandemic is still ongoing, some apps will still have restrictions on face-to-face meetings.

In some cases, DBS identity verification may need to be performed remotely. This may include the applicant showing their physical identification documents to the third party in front of the camera and then sending photocopies of these documents to advance the application. You are also advised that under section 8 of the Asylum and Immigration Act 1996, all employers in the UK are required to carry out basic documentary checks to prevent anyone from working illegally. Addition to the list of primary identity documents for non-UK nationals who require DBS verification for paid work in the UK – a recent passport showing that the holder is a national of the Republic of Ireland. For more information on verifying birth certificates, see the HM Passport Office General Register Office Guide to birth certificates. The Welsh version of the new identity verification guidelines has been added. When you request a DBS check, you must specify at least 3 ID types.