Weirdest Legal Things

It looks like Jumanji was once real in Florida, as parking animals requires paying legal fees, including elephants, camels, and horses. According to Country Living, this law went into effect in the 1920s when Ringling Bros. Circus moved its winter show operations to Florida. There`s no doubt about it: there are crazy and bizarre state laws in the United States. Sure, they may have made sense when they were written, but today, these really strange government facts about U.S. laws are enough for anyone to wonder why they were created in the first place — not to mention doing big, random little things to confuse your friends! Who knew, for example, that it`s illegal for a donkey to sleep in a bathtub in Arizona, or that you technically can`t send surprise pizza to your friends in Louisiana? A pinball machine cannot give more than 25 free spins to a player who continues to win. Some restaurant gaming chains — like Chuck E. Cheese — are exempt from certain anti-gambling laws because they offer free games, toys and novelties that don`t represent an exchange for « precious things. » However, a revision of the Electricity Security Act of 1998 updated the Act. A spokeswoman for Energy Safe Victoria said: « Although the Electrical Safety Act prohibits the use of one`s own electrical work if you are not authorised, changing a light bulb and removing an outlet from an outlet has been explicitly exempted from this requirement under Council Regulation G17. » The next time you`re spending a night in Michigan, you`d better think carefully about how to get home. Under state law, it is illegal for a person in an « offensive state of intoxication » to « board an intercity train or car as a passenger, be or remain on a railroad train or intercity car. » This regulation dates from 1984, and I will catch up with you, I have not looked too much to see if it is still valid, because you should respect everything. If you are the one who confirms Sasquatch`s existence and then decides to kill Sasquatch, you are guilty of a misdemeanor and risk a fine, jail time, or both.

It was a crime, which seems appropriate. « Sasquatch » is legally interchangeable here with the terms « Yeti, » « Bigfoot, » and « Giant Hairy Ape, » but it seems clear that if you kill Sasquatch — under whatever name — you`re the real monster. In Texas, proxy marriages are perfectly legal. In other words, if you have a legitimate reason for the absence – such as military service – you can send someone in your place to get married as long as you have all the right documents. Exceptions included funeral visitors, hospital employees or those at the bedside of a sick family member. For everyone else, there is no excuse for being dark, the alternative is a fine. This must be one of the strangest laws of all. In Reno, Nevada, it is illegal to sit or lie on a public sidewalk.

The law states that « no person may sit or lie on a public sidewalk or on a blanket, chair, stool or any other object on a public sidewalk at the Downtown Reno Regional Center. » Many states have laws restricting various activities on Sundays, but in Iowa it is illegal to sell cars or RVs on Sundays. Given that one of the strange laws popular for many states looks like this: « No honking in sandwich shops at these strangely precise times on a Sunday, » it is with great pleasure that I bring you Section 18-55 of the Little Rock Ordinance Code – currently in March 2017 – which states: « No person may be in a place where cold drinks or sandwiches are served. Sound the horn of a vehicle. after 9 p.m. (Also, no, it`s not illegal to mispronounce the name of the state. Only discouraged.) As the only state to make cannibalism illegal, Idaho established the ban in 1990 in response to widespread fears that people`s diets would appear in ritualized practices. Keep your review break right by immersing yourself in these exciting legal dramas! If you`ve ever skied or snowboarded, you know that in many places it`s a strange tradition to throw Mardi Gras beads or similar festive chairlift waste into nearby trees. Suspend this in Nevada; It is illegal to throw something from a chairlift here. For example, if you want to be a law-abiding citizen in many states of the Union, pay special attention to animals in your jurisdiction.

In Alaska, it`s illegal to wake up a sleeping bear to take a picture, while in Arizona, you keep your donkey awake by the bathtub because it`s illegal for a donkey to sleep in one of them. Probably still appropriate from today`s perspective, it is illegal in Colorado to ride a horse while under the influence. Kansaners don`t mess with their cherry pie. At one point, it was illegal in the state to put a scoop of ice cream on a piece of cherry pie. According to Kansas` secretary of state, it`s unclear how this law came about or if it`s still technically in effect, but — fortunately for dessert lovers — it`s not enforced.