University of Iowa Law School Schedule

Some colleges at the University of Iowa have different academic year calendars than those listed above. Contact individual universities or visit their websites; Use the A-to-Z list or search the directory on the University of Iowa homepage. The College`s Academic Success Program (« PSA ») helps students improve the academic skills needed to succeed in law school. ASP serves all law students, with a particular focus on helping first-year students transition successful undergraduate careers to the unique challenge of law school. ASP offers programs on legal study skills and exam degrees, and offers students access to other resources to support their academic skills. In the spring semester, ASP offers a series of small group workshops for first-year students. Many resources are available for Iowa law students on the ICON website of the Writing & Academic Success Center Current Iowa law students can access workshops offered by Professor Anderson, reviews of law school guides, links to learning aids to which the library has subscribed, writing resources, etc. The Office of the Registrar provides additional calendars listing detailed academic deadlines, final examination plans, and academic vacations. It also publishes a five-year academic calendar. See timeline and timelines on the Office of the Registrar`s website.

You`ll also receive intensive, one-on-one instruction from our law school — Iowa is one of the few law schools in the country with a full-time faculty dedicated solely to your growth as a legal writer. Students can make an appointment by email or make an appointment here. Some dates on the university calendar are subject to change. The most up-to-date academic calendar can be found under Calendars and Deadlines on the Office of the Registrar`s website. Our graduates are down-to-earth, collegiate and sought-after team members. They are the future of law. Civil Procedure (4 hours) Constitutional Law I (3 hours) Criminal Law (3 hours) Legal Analysis Writing and Research II (2 hours) Congratulations on your decision to study law. You are about to embark on an intellectual transformation enterprise that will provide you with personal and professional rewards for a lifetime.

Inside and outside the classroom, you`ll learn how to think, analyze, speak, and write as an effective lawyer – talents you can bring not only to legal practice, but also to a variety of careers, including government, business, and the non-profit sector. The skills of an effective lawyer are not easy to acquire, but you will have them when you leave our doors. Today`s complex legal issues require not only a deep understanding of legal doctrine, but also the ability to build partnerships and coalitions among colleagues, clients, experts and stakeholders. Students can request one-on-one appointments with Dawn Anderson, Professor of Legal Analysis Writing and Research and Director of the Writing & Academic Success Center. Students may discuss academic questions or concerns with Professor Anderson. It helps law students consider effective strategies in areas such as effective reading, classroom preparation, effective grades, outline, time and stress management, exam preparation, and exam revision strategies. In addition, it can refer students to campus and community resources as needed. The courses you will take during your first year at Iowa Law will focus on the teaching courses that every 1L student takes in the United States.

These include contract law, tort and property law in the fall semester, followed by civil procedure law, criminal law and constitutional law in the spring. Students will also take courses in legal analysis, writing, and research over the course of both semesters and will have the option to take an elective course in the spring. The Iowa Law Model for the 1L Course Structure includes common law courses, or areas of law historically developed by the courts, together for the first semester and legislative law courses, where all topics and areas of law have been developed primarily through statutes, of rules and regulations, together in the second half of the year. The University of Iowa offers several summer sessions: one 12-week session, one 8-week session, two 6-week sessions, and one 4-week session. Each session is listed below in order of its start date. Students in the upper class register for courses during open registration hours through my interface, which tells you when you can register. First-year students and non-Young Women students are assigned courses and are registered by the Registrar. Learn what it`s like to be an Iowa law student. Levitt Auditorium Classroom with Professor Derek Muller Spring semester students also choose a three-hour elective course from a list of approved first-year electives. Every August, Iowa Law greets its students upon arrival during orientation. The orientation takes place the week before classes start and is a wonderful time to settle into life at Iowa Law.

Highlights include a welcome from the Iowa State Bar, an introduction to service options, and ample time to familiarize yourself with the Boyd Law Building and your classmates.