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What skills and competencies should a lawyer possess to attract the attention of recruiters? What is the ideal profile for lawyers at the UN? These and other questions are frequently asked by United Nations law graduates. A general overview of the main requirements of the selection procedure is now given. Keep in mind that even if you don`t intend to apply for a legal job or internship at the United Nations, this guide will prepare you to apply in the years to come. Take notes and use the time you have to strategically develop your career and gain exceptional work experience until you`re ready to apply for the most suitable position. This eBook has been carefully written and reviewed by a team of faculty, personnel specialists, and former young professionals. Sample questions for each UN competency assessment can be found in the Annex section of our manual. Get your copy now! The training required for UN law jobs and internships varies depending on the specific agency or organization. In general, the most common academic requirements for lawyers are as follows: ORGANIZATIONS THAT HAVE THEIR OWN SITES IFC ICSID IAEA OICA ODI ILO IMO IMF IOM OCI OCI OIAC OTCI TBTOITU UNRWA WHO UNFPA UNICEF UNESCO UNOPS UNAIDS UNHCR WFPFAO WIPO UNWTO WTO UNSSC GAVI ALLIANCE INTRACEN – ITC ICC UPU JIU FOUNDATION On the question of age, Requirements can vary widely. The UN system generally accepts applicants who are at least 18 years old at the time of application, but some agencies/job offers may set a slightly higher minimum age.

In terms of maximum age, there are no age restrictions for jobs in the majority of organizations. There may be exceptions to this rule, such as the United Nations Young Professionals Programme and the Junior Professional Officer Programme, which have very strict age restrictions. In terms of salaries, General Service and National Professional Officers are paid according to a local scale (UNITED NATIONS CAREERS, 2020). Salaries for higher, Professional and Field Service staff consist of a fixed annual salary corresponding to each level of Professional staff in the category, and an adjustment is made according to the characteristics of the post in which the Professional works: this information is important for understanding how the United Nations common system approaches the professional development of its staff. focuses on skills development and how personal progress and growth can take place within the organization. These issues are directly related to the salaries and entitlements available by occupational category (Professional and senior, General Service, Field Service and national staff) and the post in which they work. 5. Post-interview process: Final adjustments and review of applicant documentation and information. The selection cycle of UN Jobs includes an interview phase whose main objective is to learn more about the candidate and analyze his knowledge and skills. It is widely understood and disseminated by the United Nations that the UN internship interview model is competency-based interviewing (CBI), but in reality it is mixed, combining competency-based questions with traditional questions. How can you start your legal career at the United Nations? What are the benefits? How does the selection process work? Here you will find everything about United Nations law jobs and internships! In fact, UN Careers is one of the leading websites for advertising internships and job offers within the United Nations system, including various job postings, not only in the United Nations Secretariat but also in other organizations (UNEP, UN-Habitat, UNCTAD and UNODC, among others).

However, there are various other websites that candidates should also be aware of. The United Nations considers career development to be one of its main concerns in its human resources policy. Career development is something that the organization understands as a result of an employee`s efforts and decisions, supported in different ways and in different areas. The United Nations defines this as: « Your career path reflects your aspirations and decisions regarding your professional development, in which you play a leading role. The organization plays a supporting role in setting up effective systems to enhance and support your career decisions » (UNITED NATIONS CAREERS, 2020). There is the World Bank Group website, and although many people do not know it, it is also part of the United Nations system. The World Bank`s internship program applies to three of the Group`s main agencies: IBRD, IDA and MIGA. The other two World Bank Group agencies, IFC and ICSID, have their own internal recruitment page The following table shows the application processes, broken down into the three categories mentioned above. If you`re looking for more information on how to land an internship at the UN or a law student job, you`ve come to the right place! Working for an organization within the United Nations system is a dream come true for many law graduates around the world, as the opportunities offered often combine good pay and a wide range of benefits with meaningful work. Working for a United Nations organization means developing a global career with global reach in a multicultural and enjoyable environment.

where you can build influential networks and be encouraged to grow professionally. The UN system offers many job opportunities for lawyers, so the chances of you finding a job that fits your profile are very high! Nevertheless, it is important for you to know that the selection procedures for the integration of the team of international organizations are usually quite competitive, and for this reason, good preparation is essential for those who want to succeed. In pursuit of its mission, the OpenIMO network has produced a comprehensive e-book (UN Careers for Law Professionals) as well as support and advisory services, with the aim of significantly increasing your chances of success in these competitive selection processes. This includes reviewing your application documents (CV and cover letter) and a trial interview based on the UN model. We also offer a range of packages that combine the eBook with different services! 4. Interview: Conducted by telephone or videoconference to verify the information provided. Many people think that all positions in the UN system are advertised on the career page of the UN Secretariat because they believe that this is the only place where vacancies are advertised. JOBS AND INTERNSHIPS SHARED AMONG CAREER AGENCIES UN SECRETARIAT UNUNCTAD UNUNCTAD UN-HABITAT UNODC WORLD BANK WEBSITE IDA MIGA UNDP UNDP WOMEN UNOSSC (UNITED NATIONS OFFICE FOR SOUTH-SOUTH COOPERATION) UNCDF (United Nations Capital Development Fund) Finally, there are various smaller organizations and funds that have their own websites for internships and job postings.

The following tables list the various websites that promote internships in the United Nations system. (The list is not exhaustive.) To provide this support to its staff, the United Nations has established human resources development programmes, training centres, vocational resource centres, courses and services. In addition to the United Nations System Staff College, several measures can be cited as examples of opportunities for the professional and personal development of the organization`s staff. As mentioned above, the job posting is a kind of candidate database that remains open to new submissions throughout the year. Typically, candidates` documents are available to recruiters for analysis for a maximum period of six months. This type of application has three steps: Most agencies require applicants to be nationals of one of their Member States in order to apply for job vacancies. However, others do not impose this requirement and accept candidates from all countries, such as UNICEF, UNCTAD, UN-Habitat, UNOPS, WFP and UNWTO, among others. 2. Long list: Automatic screening of applications. Application to the list of internshipsApplication for specific job offersEmail applications Step 1: Initial registration on the online recruitment page Step 2: Complete the personal and professional profile Step 3: Submit the documents and send your application.

Step 1: Initial registration on the online recruitment page Step 2: Search for open internships Step 3: Complete the personal and professional profile Step 4: Submit the documents and submit your application. Step 1: Identify the email address of the entity you are targeting Step 2: Email the documents and send your application.