Old £20 Notes Legal Tender 2021

You can use the £20 print editions until 30 September 2022. If you are unable to meet this deadline, there is always a way to exchange your old £20 paper. After Friday, people will still be able to deposit paper notes at their post office, and many UK banks will also accept banknotes as customer deposits. If you have an old legal tender, such as £5 or £10 notes, you can exchange or deposit them using this method. The post office is preparing for a « last moment » of customers dropping off paper and £50 banknotes this week before they can no longer be used in shops or to pay for shops. If you have £20 or £50 paper notes, we recommend using them or depositing them with your bank or post office before 30 September 2022. Swiss Post accepts withdrawn banknotes as a deposit in any bank account. Go to your local branch to drop off the old £20 note. Head Cashier Sarah John said: « In recent years, we have replaced our paper banknotes with polymer because these designs are harder to counterfeit and at the same time more durable. All Bank of England polymer banknotes can be used as legal tender in the UK after 30 September. This is the last week that our paper banknotes can still be used. The polymer will replace the £20 note on which economist Adam Smith can be seen.

After the deadline of 30 September 2022, you will no longer be able to use Bank of England paper notes in shops or use them to pay businesses. Among the differences from the new polymer note, there is a new holographic image that alternates between the words « Twenty » and « Pounds ». There is also a small transparent window in the bottom corner of the note. There is also a portrait of the Queen (opens in a new tab) printed on the window with « £20 Bank of England » in the margin. There is not much time left to use the paper banknotes that are still in circulation. After this date, many UK banks will accept withdrawn notes as customer deposits. Some post offices may also accept withdrawn banknotes as a deposit into a bank account that you can access with them. Is it legal for a company in the U.S. to refuse cash as payment? The new £20 note is slightly smaller than the paper edition and depicts the British painter JMW Turner.

Many of these paper notes have now been returned to us and replaced by the £20 polymer with artist J.M.W. Turner and the £50 polymer with scientist Alan Turing. However, if the public still has one of these paper notes in their possession, they should deposit or issue it while they can. « Anyone with £20 paper notes has only a few days left to spend them. The GBP 20 and GBP 50 notes will cease to be legal tender after 30 September 2022. The £20 and £50 paper notes will be phased out after the introduction of plastic banknotes. The 20-pound polymer note, launched in February 2020, features artist J.M.W. Turner.

We will withdraw legal tender status from our £20 and £50 paper notes after 30 September 2022. So far this month, more than £100 million worth of banknotes have been deposited at post offices. You can also exchange paper notes at face value directly at the London-based Bank of England for the new polymer notes. After that date, the £20 paper ceased to be legal tender. Friday is the last day The Bank of England`s old-fashioned banknotes will be legal tender after being replaced by polymer versions The 20-pound polymer note depicts the romantic painter JMW Turner. Although the majority of the £20 and £50 paper banknotes in circulation have been replaced by new polymer versions, there are still more than £5 billion of £20 worth of paper notes in circulation with economist Adam Smith and nearly £6 billion of £50 notes with engineers Boulton and Watt. That`s over 250 million individual £20 notes and over 110 million £50 notes. Footnote [1] If you wish to exchange old notes, visit the Bank of England website for more information. The new 20-pound plastic and polymer banknotes feature a new iconic image, as well as enhanced security features to prevent fraudulent activity. It has already been described as « the safest banknote yet » because the new security features include a hologram and a transparent window – two features that are difficult to copy exactly. Paper tickets are currently still valid and can be issued in shops or other places where cash is accepted. If you miss the date of issue or deposit of a £20 paper, don`t worry, you won`t lose.

However, you can exchange your old notes for new notes at any time before or after 30 September at the Bank of England. When the paper notes were returned to the Bank of England, they were replaced by the new 20-pound polymer notes with JMW Turner and the 50-pound polymer notes with Alan Turing. It came out with the old and with the new in 2022, with the old £20 note and the old expiry date of the £50 note (opens in a new tab) taking place in 2022. The Bank of England is withdrawing paper notes from circulation after the publication of the new £20 and £50 notes (opens in a new window) in 2020 and 2021. This means that you have to spend or exchange them before the end date, otherwise you won`t be able to use them as legal tender. Polymer banknotes have different security features. Learn how to check all our banknotes To avoid old and invalid banknotes in your wallet, issue them or deposit them into your bank account. Economist Adam Smith appears on the original £20 note. While the new polymer note features artist JMW Turner. The romantic artist`s self-portrait was painted in 1799 and is on display at Tate Britain in London. Until then, you can still use the old £20 notes as they are accepted as legal tender.

You can still receive paper notes from companies or others until September 30, 2022. Focus on these important security features to confirm that a paper £20 or £50 note is genuine: Yes, old £20 notes are still legal tender. And you can always use those paper notes to make purchases in the moment. Old £20 notes will remain valid until the September 2022 expiry date indicated by the Bank of England. In addition to improved security measures, new £20 notes can be « animated » with a new Snapchat feature.