Ofsted Nursery Requirements

96. The EYF specifies that records must be easily accessible and available (they can be kept securely off-site). The records required by the EYF safety and welfare requirements must be easily accessible and available at the end of a visit or inspection. It`s good to focus on the things you do well (rather than what needs a bit of work). If you wish, you can delegate some of the tasks of the walk to other managers/executives in your area. However, make sure they are well prepared – with specific points that need to be highlighted. Overall, make it a celebration of your kindergarten`s accomplishments and the impact it has had. You may be interested to know that we hosted a pizza night the day before our own inspection! It was more of a celebration of what we had accomplished together as a nursery. This excited and relaxed energy entered the inspection the next day – which the inspector immediately captured. All employees must be « fit » to care for children, which means that they have undergone proper police checks and that no unscreened person is left alone with the children. Your nursery manager must also have at least two years of experience as a qualified nurse, between one and two years of experience in a supervisory role and a relevant kindergarten qualification.

Pay close attention to Part 2 of your Ofsted kindergarten manual. This includes the evaluation plan, which sets out clear criteria for each inspection verdict. Your inspector will be trained to use these note descriptions when confirming grades. Therefore, it is important that you and our staff read this manual carefully. For an Ofsted Needs Improvement kindergarten, you provide an acceptable quality of education and care for children, but it still requires work. Areas for improvement will be identified by your inspector. 123. Minor administrative errors that can be corrected before the inspection is completed are not necessarily expected to have a negative impact on judgments. An example could be that the registration certificate is not displayed correctly (section 3.76 of the « EYSF Statutory Framework »). However, if the supplier does not meet a number of administrative requirements, the inspector must assess whether these deficiencies taken together indicate broader weaknesses in the environment. If this is the case, it will likely have a negative impact on leadership and management judgment.

All employees must meet the required training requirements. At least half of the employees must have the appropriate qualifications (at least a Level 2 qualification for a daycare). All employees must complete health and safety training and an introduction to child protection procedures within the first week of employment. « It took us 12 months to get planning permission for a nursery because it was in a residential area, » said Pat Perkins of Wingfield Nursery in Leicester. « The residents didn`t want a kindergarten and twice we got the permit, but they challenged it, so you automatically lose it and we had to appeal. But we met the criteria 100% and we didn`t leave. Naturally, some of your employees may be afraid of inspection. Especially when there is pressure to increase the rating. Don`t ignore it.

And of course, don`t increase the pressure – they are already aware of the importance. Ofsted Nursery reviews are also very important for employees. Remind them that it`s okay to admit mistakes and emphasize that inspection is a celebration of accomplishments your employees should be proud of. 122. If, at the time of the inspection, a provision does not comply with the legal requirements, the inspector must take into account any previous offence. A provider may commit a number of minor violations of the EYF requirements which, in themselves, have no material impact on the health, safety or well-being of children or on their learning and development. However, previous non-compliance in the same or different areas may indicate that the supplier is not aware of the requirements or is unwilling to comply with them. In such cases, the inspector may find that direction and management are inadequate because the supplier does not sufficiently understand the legal requirements. Documents are one of the big headaches for kindergarten leaders. What do I need? Do I need an Ofsted folder? Does it have to be color-coded, sticky and organizationally perfect? Q: I have heard that there will be changes in the way Ofsted handles complaints.

Can you explain what this means for kindergartens? A: Ofsted will now refer « minor concerns » to kindergartens so they can deal with their own complaints process. When deciding what is classified as a « minor issue », Ofsted looks at the seriousness of the complaint and also looks at the information it has about the nursery and any previous complaints it has received. Nurseries must inform Ofsted of any steps they have taken to resolve the issue at their next inspection. If you are registered in the child care registry, you must meet the requirements of one or both mandatory and voluntary parts of the child care registry, depending on which part of the registry you are registered with. Once registered, you must still meet the requirements below to remain registered with Ofsted. We conduct annual compliance inspections at 1 in 10 suppliers to verify this. You will always receive 24 hours` notice unless Ofsted has received concerns about your nursery. In this case, it triggers a surprising inspection. 118. Improvement measures and recommendations should clearly indicate what the claimant needs to do to improve. Measures must relate to the requirements of the EYSF, but cannot simply repeat the wording. Recommendations for attitudes that are deemed good or need to be improved should focus on what needs to improve the attitude.

The inspector is not expected to check whether all legal requirements of the EYF are met. However, if the inspector finds, at the time of gathering evidence, that a particular requirement is not being met, he must take that into account when rendering his judgment. Let`s dive into the inspector`s mind for a moment. If you know what the inspector is looking for, you can make sure your facility meets these requirements. It is important to have an open and honest dialogue with your Ofsted nursery inspector. Remember, these are people who were outstanding teachers and kindergarten leaders of Ofsted. So there is no « quick draw » with them. Q: There have been some changes to the registration requirements; Can you elaborate on that? A: Ofsted will no longer conduct « interviews with appropriate people » for managers. This will be the responsibility of the crèche from 1 September 2012.

Registration requirements have been removed from certificates, allowing kindergartens to decide on the number and age of children they will care for.