Normas Legales 2021 Peru

Legal certainty is a value. It is conditioned by the socio-economic aspect and by the legitimacy of rights. This implies a constant being, a permanence that makes it possible to achieve predefined objectives that are not altered by unforeseen legal situations. The law is a channel, it serves to inspire confidence and motivate investments and projects. Ratifies the « Technical Cooperation Agreement 2020 » between Peru and Germany, formalized by Note verbale No. 0342/2021 of the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany dated 30 November 2021 and Note RE (GAB) No. 6-5/76 of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Peru of 3 December 2021. The Chamber of Commerce of Lima (CCL) presents the main regulations issued by the central government for the development of commercial activity: You can also consult the standards published in March at the following link: Amend Rule VII of the provisional title of the Tax Code of Law No. 29230 and Legislative Decree No. 1534 of the Public Sector Finance Code for the 2023 financial year. Authorization to hold the National Congress of Criminology – Directorate-General for Criminological Affairs. Ratification of the Pro Mining and Energy Committee Agreement N° 67-1-2022 transmission lines concerning the approval of the support plan containing the project « 500 kV connection Huánuco-Tocache-Celendín – Trujillo Extensions and associated substations » Executive Directorate Decision No. 065-2022 Establishment of additional provisions on the neutrality of officials and civil servants during the 2022 legislature Approval of the preparation, of the publication and publication of the journal The rules « Asuntos CriminolÓgicos » which establish exceptional economic and financial measures to increase public expenditure on investments within the framework of your e-mail address will not be published.

Required fields are marked with a * Telework Act for the public and private sectors. economic reactivation and dictates other provisions, in favor of Proinversión and others. (Extraordinary expenses) TECHNICAL COOPERATION AGREEMENT 2020 PERU – GERMANY SUPREME DECREE 011-2022-RE (11.03.2022) Ratifies the « Agreement between the Republic of Peru and the Plurinational State of Bolivia on the Right of Passage for Navigation on Lake Titicaca », signed on June 25, 2019 in the city of Ilo, Republic of Peru and approved by Legislative Decree No. 31400 of January 31, 2022. CERTIFICATE OF OWNERSHIP IN EXTENSO FILED – RESOLUTION SUNARP 034-2022-SUNARP/SN (11/03/2022) With the aim of highlighting the importance of training and technical assistance as tools for business development, the Chamber of Commerce of Lima (CCL), through its Guild of Small Enterprises (COPE), organized the XX SME Expo: « From Entrepreneurship to World-Class Management », event that took place […]. Appoints surgeon Jorge Antonio López Peña as Vice Minister of Public Health in the Ministry of Health. Approves the issuance by an automated agent of the certificate of ownership in extenso submitted through the Online Registry Publicity Service (SPRL) with national scope. It will be available from March 18, 2022. Authorize the transfer of resources to the Office of the Comptroller General as economic compensation for expenses arising from the hiring of an audit firm. The Chamber of Commerce of Lima (CCL), in collaboration with its Franchise Business Development Center and the Commission for the Promotion of Export and Tourism of Peru (PromPerú), is organizing the IX Expo & International Franchise Forum on November 24 and 25, which will be broadcast via Zoom and Facebook Live. The […] Responsible for official publications: Ricardo Montero Reyes Chairman of the Board of Directors: Hugo David Aguirre Castaããã±FDFA DEPUTY MINISTER OF PUBLIC HEALTH SUPREME RESOLUTION 004-2022-SA (11/03/2022) PERU-BOLIVIA AGREEMENT ON THE RIGHT OF PASSAGE THROUGH LAKE TITICACA SUPREME DECREE 009-2022-RE (11/03/2022).