Movies with Court Cases

Unfortunately, there are very few good resources for those interested in avocado movies. That`s why we decided to compile a list of the best lawyer films in chronological order, dating back to the 1930s. Not only will you come across courtroom classics, but you`ll also discover a large number of legal films you`ve never heard of before! A woman`s face – A blackmailer with facial scars meets a plastic surgeon who offers him the opportunity to look normal again. Running time: 106 minutes Director: George Cukor Stars: Joan Crawford, Melvyn Douglas, Conrad Veidt Watch the movie: A Woman`s Face Aaron Sorkin knows his way around a walking and talking drama, and his new one for Netflix starts with perhaps the craziest walking and discussion sequence he`s ever attempted. This is the story of how seven anti-Vietnam protesters (plus Black Panthers founder Bobby Seale, who was expelled during the trial) were tried for conspiracy and inciting riots at the 1968 Democratic National Convention. In Sorkin`s hands, the trial became a place of debate about the foundations of America. Who is allowed to protest and how? Can you reform broken systems? And should you compromise your principles with pragmatism? Twelve jurors must decide the fate of a Chechen teenager accused of murdering his stepfather. Cinema has produced many notable war films, but some of the film`s most captivating battles have nothing to do with the battlefields. Under the direction of the right cast and crew, there is nothing more captivating or exciting than a great legal drama. Instead of bullets and mortars, lawyers conduct legal dramas at war with facts, intellect and sharp questions. Often it is a matter of life and death, just like in real battlefields, except that it is usually not the lawyers but their clients who have everything at stake. When we enter the courtroom, we see all the establishment machinery we have to fight against: bastard judges, bastard chief prosecutors in very sophisticated costumes, obscure trials, and, above all, jury assumptions – and, implication, so do you. They won`t forget – A politically ambitious DA, fraudulent tabloid journalists and regional prejudice unite to charge a teacher with the murder of his student.

Duration: 95 minutes Director: Mervyn LeRoy Stars: Claude Rains, Gloria Dickson, Edward Norris Watch the movie: They will not be forgotten in cold blood – A rural family is brutally murdered in a failed robbery attempt, and the two vagrants who committed the crimes escape the police, although in the end they come to terms with their own mortality and the effects of their horrific crimes. Running time: 134 minutes Director: Richard Brooks Stars: Robert Blake, Scott Wilson, John Forsythe Watch the movie: In Cold Blood True Story – A discredited New York Times reporter named Michael Finkel makes contact with Christian Longo, a suspected murderer who stole Finkel`s identity. Finkel`s investigation then turns into a game of cat and mouse. Running time: 99 minutes Director: Rupert Goold Stars: James Franco, Jonah Hill, Felicity Jones Watch the movie: True Story An indoor juror and a woman outside handle a court case involving a major arms manufacturer. Not only is Philadelphia one of the best legal dramas to have been filmed, but it`s certainly one of the most important popular films about AIDS and the terrible stigma its victims endured in the `80s and `90s. Tom Hanks, who played mostly comedic roles in Hollywood, cemented his reputation as a dramatic actor as Andrew Beckett, a gay lawyer who was fired from his law firm when it was discovered he had AIDS. Ambulance fighter Joe Miller (Denzel Washington) is Beckett`s last chance to be represented, and even Miller initially rejects him. Taking charge of the case forces Miller to confront his own homophobia — an inner struggle that ultimately helps him fight the discriminatory law firm. Philadelphia is emotionally and socially strong and always relevant as an example of what good can come from recognizing and confronting the hatred within us. A persistent lawyer takes on a case involving a large company responsible for diagnosing several people with leukemia because the city`s water supply has been contaminated, risking ruining his business and career.