Modelo De Poder Para Representante Legal En Bolivia

Proceed to the cancellation, dissolution, dissolution of a legal act, make requests to banking institutions, subscribe, sign, sign contracts, protocols, confirmations of signature, new protocols for banking transactions. In the town of Arroyo Concepción, which is part of the municipality of Puerto Quijarro, province of Germán Bush of the department of Santa Cruz de la Sierra – Plurinational State of Bolivia, by fifteen hours with five minutes in the afternoon, starting today Thursday eight of February of the year two thousand and eighteen.- IN FRONT OF ME.- GUILLERMO TARRAZONA PEÑA, Lawyer, Notary of Public Faith No. 01 of the District of Santa Cruz, with permanent residence in this city, of legal age, legally capable, with 6236193 identity card number issued in Santa Cruz, APPEAR: in this office the gentlemen: RAMAO SERGIO DE ARAUJO PANA, Brazilian nationality, identity card for foreigners in Bolivia No. E-0029862, major, legally authorized, and RUBENS FERNANDES, Brazilian nationality, Foreigner`s identity card in Bolivia No. E-10159097, adult, legally capable, as a partner, in my opinion capable of this act identified by the documents issued, I GIVE CREDENCE and say: that of their free and spontaneous will, without there being any defect of consent as error, fraud or violence and PURSUANT TO ART. 62 paragraph 1, INC. A, THE LAW OF MULTINATIONAL NOTARIES and art. 74 No. 1 INC. B) and 77 No. 1 OF ITS REGULATIONS, Revocation of Power of Attorney No. 151/2016 and Transfer of a new Power of Attorney for General Administration and Legal Representation in favor of Mr.

RAMAO SERGIO DE ARAUJO PANA, Brazilian nationality, identity card for foreigners in Bolivia No. E-0029862, adult capable of acting in accordance with the declaration and responsibility of the constituents (Art. 77 No. II. R.L.N.P.), and they give me a protocol of the extraordinary meeting No. 02/2018 of the trading company Bate Forte S.R.L., copied verbatim, is the next tenor. INSTRUCTIONS FOR THE REVOCATION OF THE GENERAL POWER OF ATTORNEY NO. 151/2016 AND THE GRANTING OF NEW POWERS FOR THE GENERAL ADMINISTRATION AND LEGAL REPRESENTATION OF BATE FORTE S.R.L.