And Legal Provisions

The meaning of « deployment » in this case is somewhat determined by the context. If it were a question about a law school exam, you would want the exact legal definition. If, in a real-world context, you are asked to identify all the regulations that apply to a particular case, the meaning may be broader (or better considered broader). The provisions generally require action by one or all of the parties involved within a defined period of time or before a specific date. They can be found in most loan documents, in the laws of a state or country, and in contracts. It is also common to abide by the fine print provided after the purchase of certain financial securities. Observing real-world examples of regulations is one of the best ways to better understand how they are formulated. Below is an example of a provision included in Montana state law: solutions include improving access to technology for students, harnessing low-tech community efforts, tutoring, and special provisions for younger learners. Legal provisions are usually included in a contract or other type of legal arrangement to protect the interests of the parties involved.

Read below to learn how regulations work in the context of the law and to see relevant examples. In view of the reduction in the voting rights of employees` and investors` shares, it is possible that these voting provisions could have a negative impact on the final price of these shares. In the legal context, a provision is a provision contained in a particular legal document or statute. This can also be called a clause or a contractual clause. However, in accounting, provisions refer to gains allocated to a specific purpose or expense. It would strengthen data protection rules, provide for tougher penalties and possibly create a new law enforcement agency. Thus, for a task of identifying all the « provisions » applicable to a case, the useful meaning would be all the sections of the document that are relevant to the case. In a legal document, a provision is usually a dedicated section that describes or specifies an action or condition.

It may contain words like « should » or « should not » (although this is not a requirement). But here`s the catch. Relevant information is not always fully contained in the sentences of the « provision ». For example, there may be an introductory section that describes the different players. It may or may not be a factual provision according to a legal definition, but it could define whether a provision is applicable to a particular party. Foresight is a term that has different meanings. In the legal context, it may be a clause of a law, a contract or another legal document. It can also be a requirement or qualification that has already been made.

In the event that one of the parties to a legal agreement does not comply with a provision, it is a breach of contract. Once this happens, the culprit must remedy the situation, which often happens by offering compensation. If there are provisions for changes in your digital marketing strategy, you can adapt to any situation. I would therefore say all the circumstances that must occur. This will depend, of course, on the particular case that is indicated. ** Think about the timing of the case, because due to this provision, only certain provisions apply after a certain date: Assembly Bill 3216 also contains provisions that allow laid-off workers to return to work, even if an employer or company changes ownership. The confusion about apparent vagueness, because the definition seems to apply to conflicting conditions, may be due to the fact that one is looking too closely for a precise literal legal definition. The explanation for the dichotomy may be more obvious if one takes a step back and considers a more general definition. There was a provision in the Union Conscription Act of 1863 that allowed wealthy men to pay $300 to redeem themselves from service. Section 13.02 All legal provisions that are deemed to be contained Any individual provision that is to be incorporated into this Agreement by law is hereby deemed to form part of this Agreement, whether or not inserted. Below is an example of a state law (Montana) that defines a specific provision: Please be prepared while we check your browser. About ScienceDirect Shopping Cart Contact and SupportTerms and ConditionsPrivacy Policy This document is subject to BCP 78 and the IETF Trust`s legislation regarding IETF documents ( in effect at the time of publication of this document.

This would make arrangements for the Levites as well as for five men of the tribes. When he had a supply of provisions on hand, he always pursued the goats as usual, but only for his personal satisfaction. Regulation of misleading advertising, legal provisions and institutional frameworks. It`s both. The definition you found could be changed to Naturally, Mr. Blanchard had his son and his son`s widow in mind when he made the arrangement. For more information about how Medicare may affect your benefits, see Medicare Eligibility in Section 8: General Legal Requirements. Code anno., § 17-1-502: « Assigned revenue » means an administrative or legislative measure that allocates revenue from a tax, fee, contribution or other source to an account of the Special Fund for State Revenue in accordance with 17-2-102 or to a local administration. Mandatory Legal Requirements 7.1 The State of Mississippi is self-insured; All requirements for the conclusion of accident or civil liability insurance are omitted.

For example, bonds often have an appeal provision that sets the date after which the company can withdraw the obligation. Another type of deployment is deferred deployment. This is usually included in specific laws and results in an automatic repeal process after a certain date, unless the law has been newly enacted by a legislator, and this provision grants first-time offenders what is called harmful intervention. In his view, Rio Tinto has not addressed this provision of comprehensive sanctions against Iran. It was also planned that little girls from the age of ten would participate and learn to sew. Code components extracted from this document must contain the text of the simplified BSD license as described in Section 4.e of the Trust Legislation and are provided without warranty as described in the Simplified BSD License. Legal Provisions Deemed Contained: Any provision of a statutory law that is to be incorporated into this Agreement shall be deemed to have been inserted herein, and the Agreement shall be read and enforced as if it were contained herein, and if such provision is inserted incorrectly or incorrectly by mistake or otherwise, at the request of either party, the Agreement will then be immediately physically modified, to make such an insertion.