A Short Sentence for Legalism

(27) It has been made to look like nonsense or legalism when someone worries about what we see, hear, touch or eat. (87) What does the term « legalism » mean in a sentence? Like the term Trinity, the word legalism is not used in the Bible, but rather describes principles that are clearly described in the Bible. At the heart of the debate between legalism and grace is the understanding of how we can be saved and how we can be certain of our heavenly hope. This legalism was accompanied by a spirit of intense exclusivity and a narrow-minded clergyman. (24) Rigid legalism rubs shoulders with rampant illegality, and a vibrant private sector coexists with a sclerotic state. 3. Jesus had no time for the legalism of the Pharisees or the Jewish Council, but he always advocated the payment of taxes.15 Where it exists, justice is much more fluid and intuitive than boring legalism.5 Peter`s legalism, however, led him to have Cornelius and the others in his house (47) And if the polemical motive is obvious and the prophecy argument against the legitimacy of a non-Davidic dynasty is entirely in the manner of the scribes, the spirit of theocratic zeal, which inspires the image of the Messiah, broader and deeper than their narrow legalism. Sentences are everywhere. Without sentences, the language doesn`t really work. (34) Formal writing style, legalism, special jargonism, all this is hardly involved or studied in my learning of language and literature. 4. Peter was a classical Jew buried in the law and its inherent legalism (56) I have heard the best definition of « legalism » so far. (64) What is Merriam-Webster`s definition of « legalism »? (57) « Legalism » – definition, images, pronunciation and indication of use.

(46) Consequently, a new type of legalism, known to the new authors as moralism, underlies much of the piety of the Apostolic Fathers, although Ignatius is quite free of it, while Polycarp and Barnabas are less under his influence than the Didache, Clemens, the Homilist and Hermas. (22) Less often, it is examined whether this emerging legalism is good or bad for global prosperity and stability. (39) At the same time, this tendency to promote a system of external tariffs has always been counteracted in Christianity by recalling its original antithesis to Jewish legalism. Legalism separates obedience from our relationship with God. The author is ill-equipped to assess the particular value of Roman legalism to humanity. Again, there is no real communication without sentences. If you just read words now, you wouldn`t be able to understand what I was telling you at all. (25) Knowing the Word of God without love is a destructive force because it inflates us with pride and legalism. (17) 1Imperative without the indicative – leads to legalism, self-rescue efforts, Paul is a moralist. (A Pharisaic legalism emerges) Page 140: The subconscious has become subconscious.

(3) Jesus did not teach legalism and Paul did not teach antinomianism. « Legalism exists when people try to ensure justice in God`s eyes through good works. Legalists believe they deserve or can gain God`s approval by meeting the requirements of the law, » said Thomas R. Schreiner. A legalist believes that their good works and obedience to God influence their salvation. Legalism focuses more on God`s laws than on the relationship with God. He maintains the external laws without a truly subjugated heart. And legalism adds human rules to divine laws and treats them as divine. (29) The Essenes were not only strongly inclined to apocalyptic views and legalism, but also strongly anti-Hellenistic.

(45) 3 If one is inclined to acquire an overly narrow view of Jewish legalism, the whole experience of later history through the heroic age of the Maccabees and beyond only proves that the smallness of the ritual process could not cling to the heart. In Christian theology, legalism (or nomism) is a pejorative term applied to the idea that « a person deserves and deserves salvation by doing good works or obeying the law. » [1] [2] [3] 1.